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"…….This photo book is amazing. This gal has very obviously been thru it and knows what all the rest of us are going
thru. Its not fun but is what we need to do.  What a great way to depict and put a little happy spin on the whole process.
Gotta laugh and smile or it would just be too unbearable…….I love these expressive pups.” Peggee Ellefson

“Thank you so much for the wonderful little book with a big heart!” Doreen Gibson

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer last July, had a mastectomy in August and began chemo in October - my final
chemo treatment was Feb. 3. I experienced every single one of the side effects and so enjoyed seeing them depicted
by dogs - how very clever and cute. I forgot that forgetting (chemo brain) was one of the side effects - LOL...” Lea Acord

“FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!...xoxo Lynn Wilber

“...I simply wanted to say thank you for producing such a treasure! It made me laugh and cry and everything in
between!  .....they will make great holiday gifts for my caregivers this year!” Susan A. Ross

”My name is Lynda Lou Sherrill, a breast cancer survivor.. I work in Bonita Springs, FL at Panache Wigs
where our staff sells and donates wigs to those with all types of cancer. This book sits on my station counter
 and has aided in inspiring a positive survival message for our many clients going through their journey
of treatment and recovery.Thank  you Kathy for making us all laugh and cry at the ups and downs of
battling this disease.“

“Just a quick note to touch base to let you know that your books are a hit at the Va Cancer Institute treatment
center here in the Petersburg area!”. Tish Underwood

“The book is adorable if you have not had cancer, and spot on hilarious if you have been through it. If you know a
 cancer survivor (and who doesn't ?) it is the perfect gift. Add Ohio to your list, Kathy.
Katie Garlock,  Cr. Photog.

”Thanks for putting together such a meaningful book.” Sandi Silvestri

“Greetings from sunny Arizona!!! I received your “coffee-table” photo book from my cousin...thank you for putting
it together!!! I pick it up now and again, and I find myself reminiscing about my cancer journey and the fact
that I had fantastic support from my family, friends, and church members, and now from a complete stranger...“
Jocelyn Lawley

”Cancer is Ruff was like a warm hug from a friend at a time when I needed a lift or a good ole tail waggin’!
Written with empathy and understanding, this book briefly encompasses the multitude of emotions and
obstacles one faces when given a diagnosis of Cancer. Adorable pictures of many four legged friends make
you laugh and smile as they help describe the feelings, side effects and ups and downs of Cancer diagnosis
and treatment. A fabulous gift that is easy to relate to and guaranteed to bring a smile when it is most needed!
   Thank you, Kathy for creating it, and Merry B. for your friendship and gift.” Kirsten Stone

"Wow, I saw Kathy's book today and it is so clever and super sweet. What a beautiful concept and treasure for
anyone really, but particularly if your life has been touched by Cancer. I encourage each and everyone of you
to look at the book and consider gifting it to yourself and maybe others. "
Mary Fisk Taylor, M. Photog., Cr. CPP, ABI, API | Board Of Directors, PPA |Professional Photographers of America

“Just wanted to say your book is very nice we loved all the dog pictures. Lauren and I enjoyed it very
much we have been showing it to everyone that comes over. My daughter is still undergoing treatment
for brain cancer so every time she smiles it lifts my heart.  So I thank you for that.
She is doing remarkably well but still have a long road ahead of her.  I also finished my treatment
for Multiple Myeloma I was diagnosed in 2010 and am doing well.  I wish you well in your journey.”  
Roselle Greese

"I received your book from my boss when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I am a dog lover and it is my favorite gift! I have it on display in my living room and show it to everyone." Michelle Dybas

 “...I smiled and laughed out loud. Something I haven’t been doing much of lately.”